The Brewery

Grasmere Brewery is a small craft brewery, at the heart of England's Lake District. Our beer & cider is brewed in some old 19th century barns, at Lake View Country House, Grasmere.

And our tap room The Good Sport is just a short stroll away! 

Check out our new bottled range, six bottles for £9.95.



First and foremost, you can find our products at The Good Sport! We are also selling some of our bottled products in our online shop. But if youre elsewhere in Cumbria, you can also enjoy some of our range at a steadily increasing number of selected pubs and other outlets. Right now look for Grasmere Brewery products at:

If you are looking for a wholesaler, then either contact us directly, or else talk to


Grasmere Brewery Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer 4.2% abv.

This is an alcoholic ginger beer so definitely not a soft drink for the children! Fiery yet refreshing, 4.2% abv. Naturally fermented with real root ginger, and Lakeland water, then brewed and bottled by hand in Grasmere village. We were originally going to do this as a Christmas special, but we keep hearing people saying they want it as a regular item. It is currently available in bottles only.

Grasmere Brewery Blonde Lager

Blonde Cumbrian Lager 4% abv.

A clean session lager. Hint of lemon & lime. Served cold, carbonated. Not hop-forward. Available in kegs, or as part of a mixed set of bottles at The Good Sport.

Grasmere Brewery Pale Cumbrian Ale

Pale Cumbrian Ale 4% abv.

The most popular of the set. A bright, crisp session ale with citrus & grapefruit aroma. Think a 50% strength hoppiness IPA: tropical but not soapy. Available in kegs, or as part of a mixed set of bottles at The Good Sport.

Grasmere Brewery Red Cumbrian Ale

Red Cumbrian Ale 4% abv.

Ruby red with crystal hops. Full-bodied mouth feel. Secondary fermentation in keg gives this solid head-retention, a gently sparkling natural carbonation. Available in kegs, or as part of a mixed set of bottles at The Good Sport. A beer-drinkers bitter. This beer alternates seasonally with…

Grasmere Brewery Copper Autumn Ale

Copper Autumn Ale 4% abv.

Similar to the Red Cumbrian Ale as regards strength and colour, this is a fine drink for autumn days!

Grasmere Brewery Scrumpy Cumbrian Cider

Scrumpy Cumbrian Cider 3.8% abv.

Lower abv. than a West Country cider: so less raspy or tart. Our cider is medium sweet, served chilled and off a hand-pull for a smooth, calm pint. Floral elderflower and rose top note.

Grasmere Brewery Alexa skill

Grasmere Brewery Alexa skill

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  • A good range of products to suit most tastes.
  • Available locally in Grasmere and further afield.
  • In kegs or bottles.
  • Mixed gift packs of bottles available.
  • Visit our tap-room The Good Sport.
  • In the grounds of Lake View Country House.