The Brewery

Grasmere Brewery is a small craft brewery, at the heart of England's Lake District. Our beer & cider is brewed in some old 19th century barns, at Lake View Country House, Grasmere.

And our tap room The Good Sport is just a short stroll away! 


First and foremost, you can find our products at The Good Sport! But if youre elsewhere in Cumbria, you can also enjoy some of our range at a steadily increasing number of selected pubs and other outlets. Right now look for Grasmere Brewery products at:

If you are looking for a wholesaler, then either contact us directly (local to Grasmere and immediate area only), or else talk to:

Beer, Cider and Soda

Pale Ale – 4% pale session bitter, with pale English malt, Citra, and Mosaic hops. Hop additions are made late in the boil, to extract maximum citrus aroma, without excessive bitterness. Served at 8°C, under low pressure nitrogen, to keep the ale in foamingly good condition. £3.20 / pint.

Stout – 5% special bitter, with black and crystal malts, Target, Toyomidori and Bramley hops. Hints of chocolate and orange tart. This beer is a calorie-packed bruiser, with massive body. Perfect for mountain bikers or fell runners. Served at 8°C, under low pressure nitrogen. £3.35 / pint.

Copper – 4% red session bitter, with caramalt, crystal and pale English malt. A massive charge of Crystal hops is added late in the boil. Ruby red smooth. Kept under low pressure nitrogen, and served at 8°C. £3.20 / pint.

Blonde – 4% lager, with English lager malt, and alpine Saaz hops for a clean, uncomplicated beer. Our best-seller! Nicely carbonated and ice-cold, at 1°C. £2.95 / pint.

Scrumpy – 3.8% hazy apple cider. Sweet English apple juice fermented dry, and then back-sweetened. Apples vary with the season, so never the same twice! Served fizzy and cool at 4°C. £3.75 / pint.

Ginger Moonshine - 3.5% alcoholic ginger beer, the proper job, with hints of lime, lemon and brown sugar. This sparkling firecracker is served at 4°C. £2.50 / 330ml bottle.

Raspberry & Rhubarb Cider – 3.5% hazy pink fruit cider. For hazy hot afternoons. This summer cooler is fermented with champagne yeast and back-sweetened, like adult pop. Served bubbly at a cool 4°C. £3.65 / pint.

Rosehip & Elderflower craft soda – Non-alcoholic. Made with real fruit juice and botanical flavourings. Gently sparkling. No added sugar. No artificial sweeteners, just delicious craft soda. £2.55 / 330ml bottle.

Grasmere Brewery Alexa skill

Grasmere Brewery Alexa skill

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  • A good range of products to suit most tastes.
  • Available locally in Grasmere and further afield.
  • In kegs or bottles.
  • Mixed gift packs of bottles available.
  • Visit our tap-room The Good Sport.
  • In the grounds of Lake View Country House.