The Good Sport Ginger BeerOur products change from time to time as we prepare seasonal drinks...

Our latest - Ginger Beer 4.2% abv.

This is an alcoholic ginger beer so definitely not a soft drink for the children! Fiery yet refreshing, 4.2% abv. Naturally fermented with real root ginger, and Lakeland water, then brewed and bottled by hand in Grasmere village. We were originally going to do this as a Christmas special, but we keep hearing people saying they want it as a regular item. It is currently available in bottles only.

Blonde Cumbrian Lager 4% abv.

A clean session lager. Hint of lemon & lime. Served cold, carbonated. Not hop-forward. Available in 

Pale Cumbrian Ale 4% abv.

Most popular of the set. A bright, crisp session ale with citrus & grapefruit aroma. Think a 50% strength hoppiness IPA: tropical but not soapy.

Red Bank Bitter 4% abv.

Ruby red with crystal hops. Full-bodied mouth feel. Secondary fermentation in keg gives this solid head-retention, a gently sparkling natural carbonation. A beer-drinkers bitter. This beer alternates seasonally with...

Copper Autumn Ale 4% abv.

Similar to the Red Bank Bitter as regards strength and colour, this is a fine drink for autumn days!

Scrumpy Cumbrian Cider 3.8% abv.

Lower abv. than a West Country cider: so less raspy or tart. Our cider is medium sweet, served chilled and off a hand-pull for a smooth, calm pint. Floral elderflower and rose top note.